The Grenadier Island Country Club welcomes members, their spouses, dependent children, and guests. Dependent grandchildren of members can also enjoy the Club’s facilities at no additional cost.

Membership and Fees

Becoming A Member

To join GICC, you need sponsorship from two members who have been in good standing for at least five years. Download the Membership Application from our website. The Membership Committee reviews applications before the Board of Directors makes the final approval. Immediate family members (parents, children, and blood siblings) of current members are prioritized on the waiting list. Social Membership is available to Regular Members with a minimum of 15 years of membership.

Our Memberships


Regular Members enjoy full access to all Club activities, facilities, and privileges. After 15 years of good standing, a Regular Member may apply to become a Social Member.


Social Members pay reduced annual dues but incur additional fees for golf course and tennis court use. As of March 2022, there are 21 Social Memberships.


The Board of Directors may confer Life Membership to members who have shown exceptional commitment to the Club.


This perpetual status is granted to one family member across successive generations. It can be transferred within the same generation but held by only one individual at a time. Founder Memberships were established during the Club’s founding in 1927 and for a few subsequent years.


Members wishing to resign must notify the Secretary in writing for Board submission. Notices received after May 1st require the current year’s fee. Annual dues are $2,279 for Regular Members and $1,368 for Social Members, assessed in February. All dues and fees are subject to applicable taxes.

Member Events

New members are encouraged to join various committees, including dinner committees, to enhance their enjoyment and camaraderie within the Club.

Contact for Membership Information

In Canada: Herbert Gibson, Chairman
3 Riverview Drive
Rockport, ON Canada
K0E 1V0